Vulgate on iTunes–for Free!

My Latin is not that good. There, I said it. Despite the fact that my three semesters of Latin at UD are enough to exempt me from having to take any more of it here in Rome (at least for the STB), I am not at all satisfied with my rudimentary grasp of the language. However, I may have found a painless way to remedy that.

Last night as I meandered across the internet, I came across an audio version of the entire New Testament in Latin, which I of course then proceeded to download. It comes from a project called Faith Comes By Hearing, which currently has audio recordings of Holy Scripture available in 648 different languages, and is aimed primarily at spreading the Gospel to the illiterate in remote areas of the world. You can find it in Latin by searching for ‘neo vulgate’ in iTunes.

(Don’t worry that it’s not an explicitly Catholic undertaking. The text they use for the Latin, at least, is the official text of the Catholic Church. And they even use the Vatican pronunciation!)

I’ve understood most of what I’ve heard so far, if only because I’m fairly familiar with the Gospels. We’ll see how I do when I get to Titus and Philemon.

Whether or not this will actually help with my Latin, I can only hope. But regardless, it’s probably better for my soul (and my sanity) than listening to Pink Floyd and Irish drinking songs all day!


About Emmett Hall

I'm a seminarian for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas, working on a theology degree at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. My views are solely my own, based on a reasonable grounding in the Western Tradition, and subject to correction if necessary. They do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer or any institution with which I am associated.
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