Trip Update: Arrival in Hong Kong

[I’ll be blogging from Asia for the rest of the summer, as I teach English and learn about the Church’s missionary efforts here. For more information, see my previous post detailing my summer plans.]

My group arrived safely in Hong Kong yesterday morning after about 27 hours in transit from PNAC to the Maryknoll house here. Part of that was a nine-hour layover in Frankfurt, where we took a train into the city for Mass and lunch.

The view from my balcony in Hong Kong

The long-haul flight was uneventful. Our contact here at Maryknoll met us exactly where he said he would, and showed us how to get to the house using the top-notch public transportation system. Upon arriving in my room, I found I have a balcony and a view!

Actually, as nice as it looks, the view is way more spectacular than that. Which brings me to my next point: I bought a digital camera today that will hopefully be more capable of taking impressive photographs than the very simple one I’ve been using. Nothing too fancy, just about the most basic Canon DSLR on the market, though I did get a wide-angle lens to capture the beauty of some of the landscapes over here. I don’t expect to have access to an SD card reader until October, but eventually I’ll try to post more pictures either here or maybe on Flickr.

On another note, I tried Vegemite today for the first time! I haven’t really made up my mind whether I like it or not, but I figure it’s a blog-worthy milestone nonetheless.


About Emmett Hall

I'm a seminarian for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas, working on a theology degree at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. My views are solely my own, based on a reasonable grounding in the Western Tradition, and subject to correction if necessary. They do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer or any institution with which I am associated.
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3 Responses to Trip Update: Arrival in Hong Kong

  1. I’ve missed a few posts I think (been busy with being pregnant) but why are you in Hong Kong? Also, what is Vegemite? 🙂

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